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In Wake of Recent Homicides and Robberies, ABC Creates Good Neighbor Program

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – As the Asian business community saw a rise in homicides, burglaries and petty crimes, the Asian Business Collaborative introduced a new, innovative program to increase the safety and security of Asian and Pacific Islander owned shops and restaurants. Piloted as the “Good Neighbor Program,” API businesses in select industries can receive a security safety check by an armed security guard through toServo – an Albuquerque startup that uses GPS enabled mobile technology to connect customers to a private security team with high quality licensed security responders. The Good Neighbor Program will be selecting API owned businesses in the next several weeks to test the program for its ease of use and translation and language accessibility.

“Myself and the toSERVO team are eager to begin working with the Asian Business Collaborative in helping address the recent pattern of violence targeting local Asian owned businesses,” said Tyler Hochla, CEO and Co-Founder. “toSERVO’s unique network of local firms will help provide an affordable rapid response private security option in those rare but critical moments.”

“The API business community is asking for the feeling of safety and security,” said Kristelle Siarza, Volunteer Executive Director of ABC. “We are fortunate enough to have won a grant from Albuquerque Business First’s Philanthropy Awards. It was only fitting for us to name the new project ‘The Good Neighbor Program,’ since many of our ABC community members are the people we live in community with.”

The program will be rolled out over time. API owned-businesses interested in being a part of the program are encouraged to email ABC’s operations coordinator, Xiaodi Wang at dee@asianpibc.org.

About the Asian Business Collaborative

The Asian Business Collaborative supports Asian/Pacific Islander (API) business owners in an inclusive environment to support their business without language or cultural barriers. ABC helps businesses become a culturally competent business non-profit organization while assisting Asian businesses and professionals in any way. ABC’s goal includes developing the anchor of the diverse Asian business community that drives economic growth and prosperity. Staff and supporters advocate for Asian businesses and professionals, while training the future generations of immigrants in business. ABC promotes prosperity through leadership, cultural understanding and mentorship.

About toServo

Founded, funded, and operated entirely by local Albuquerque residents, toSERVO, using GPS enabled mobile devices, connects customers who need an immediate private security response with high quality licensed security responders. Kyle Tidmore conceived of the initial idea for toSERVO and provided the initial investment to hire Tyler Hochla to lead the project. Together they hired Erinala Horlbeck as Lead Developer and worked with local friends and family to secure seed funding. Chris Sweetin of 3DSSG, and John Francis, formerly of NMRLD, provide security industry and regulatory guidance.